Fuji Prescale Film - pressure sensitive film
      Introduced several years ago as a true aid on a progressively bigger LCD's surfaces display manufacturing process (uniform pressure distribution applied over LCD's rubbing, bonding & PCB connections manufacturing steps is indeed a is crucial and foundamental quality gain for the final planarity and high features of these products), Prescale film has become now a real diagnosis and quality tools for a very extensive range of applications.
      Today several manufacturing and production aspects require to have ensured the proper amount and distribution of applied pressure. Diagnosis of pressure excess applied to somFuji Prescale Film: Prescale familye production machines can ensure a long life and improved workplace safety. Costant and stable applied pressure improve final quality and increase the features repeteability of the final item, since the manufacturing process has been made more repeteable. The use of the Prescale film is very simple and intuitive and it will not require any specific user training, as since the first composed magenta's colour levels impressed figure, it will offer an immediate visual tool of pressure distribution that could be improved by comparison with a reference sample table (or better acquired by electronic means like densitometers), in ensuring the true pressure magnitudo too. If you also need to get a true temperature distribution imaging, do not forget to visit also the Thermscale paper information page.

      Prescale main relevant features:
      - true visual "imaging" of pressure distribution and magnitudo;
      - ±10% as typical accuracy, with good repteability;
      - 5 measuring ranges available (from 0.2 to 130 MPa).

      Prescale film structure - how it works:
      Depending from its measuring range, Prescale film is available under two possible formats, one based on two sheets (A + C), and another as a single sheet. 

      Two sheets filmFuji Prescale Film: two sheets film type
      Two sheet type of Prescale film is composed by a A film wich is coated with a particular micro encapsulated color forming material, and by a C film, wich is coated with a specific color developing material. Used in conjunction, the two films should be placed with the coated (rough and opaque) surface facing each other.

      Single sheet filmFuji Prescale Film: single sheet film type
      With single sheet Prescale film, the color forming layer is coated on the poliester base of film. Micro incapsulated color forming material is layered on the top of film.

      How it works
      When pressure is applied on the film, microcapsules are broken with distribution and "density" of magenta color depending by true pressure distribution and magnitudo. When microcapsules are broken, their material is released and it react with the color developing material and this process will cause magenta color forming.  Through PSC technology (Particle Size Control), layered microcapsules are designed to react to various degrees of pressures, releasing their color forming material at a density that correspond to specific levels of applied pressure. This tecnology also make possible to have several measuring ranges, under several types of Prescale films.

      Prescale film method of use:
      Fuji Prescale Film: film cut outCut Prescale film into application required shape and size. WhenFuji Prescale Film: impressed film single sheet type is used, for use with water or oil, please make sure that supplied protection sheet will be used.  With the two sheets film format make sure that coated sides on both A and C films are facing each other. Insert then cutted PrescaleFuji Prescale Film: magenta's reference table film into area to be measured and then apply pressure or force phenomenon. RemoveFuji Prescale Film: film acquisition by densitometer impressed film and observe pressure distribution and magnitudo. Impressed results could be measured by visual inspection toward a standard reference sample table (supplied together any sample of Prescale film), or with more accurate means like an electronic densitometer.

      Fuji Prescale Film: how to use

      Prescale available ranges:
      MODEL Description Measuring ranges Dimensions Type
      LLLW ultra super
      low pressure
      from 0,2 to 0,6 MPa
      (from 2 to 6 kg/cm²)
      270 mm (w) x 4 m (l) two
      LLW super low
      from 0,5 to 2,5 MPa
      (from 5 to 25 kg/cm²)
      270 mm (w) x 5 m (l) two
      LW low 
      from 2,5 to 10 MPa
      (from 25 to 100 kg/cm²)
      270 mm (w) x 10 m (l) two
      MW medium
      from 10 to 50 MPa
      (from 100 to 500 kg/cm²)
      270 mm (w) x 10 m (l) two
      MS medium
      from 10 to 50 MPa
      (from 100 to 500 kg/cm²)
      270 mm (w) x 10 m (l) single
      HS high
      from 50 to 130 MPa
      (from 500 to 1300 kg/cm²)
      270 mm (w) x 10 m (l) single
      - W in the product cde indicates two sheet type; S indicates single sheet.
      - Pressures between 0.01 and 0.5 MPa can be measured with optional Prescale mat.
      - 1 MPa = 10 kgf/cm² = 145 lbf/in² (psi)

      - available ranges: LLLW, LLW, LW, MW, MS, HS (see above)
      - accuracy(*)(**): ± 10% (typical); up to 2 or 3% with proper  electronic means
      - recommended temperature range: from + 20 °C to + 35 °C
      - recommended humidity range: da + 35 %RH a + 80 %RH
      - film thickness (two sheet - W type): 180 µm (90+90µm) ±10 µm tolerance
      - film thickness (single sheet - S type): 110 µm ±5 µm tolerance
      (*) accuracy figure obtained with densitometer @ 23°C with ambient humidity as 65%RH;
      (**) better accuracies are achievable with more accurate analysis tools sistems.

      Typical applications: 
      Fuji Prescale film has been successfully used in a very broad range of applications.
      Due to its very innovative and powerful pressure distribution and magnitudo measuring method (pressure imaging), its whole range of possible applications has not yet been ensured, since every day new applications are meet.  Please try to visit related webpages, where a more than only significant list of application is reported.