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    Your "close to be perfect" supplier for control and measurements instrumentation... 

      Day by day market modifications continuously increase client's needs for a true competitive environment, requiring a prompt and effective part procurement by skilled and expertize suppliers.
      As a consequence of above route, customer's Vendor Lists are now subjected to a severe contraction trend, as only the more flexible and widest in products range and offered services suppliers are  confirmed and established as a true continuative partners. 
     With its selection of innovative and high quality products portfolio selected over a true "global" landscape, Spare offer itself as ideal "core supplier", a strategic partner for your day by day work, capable to take shape on your application needs. Our mission cover regulation, control and measuring intrumentation fields, starting from discrete sensor, up to full acquisition and control systems. A minor but truly and flexible local production of strain gauges based force and torque transducers has been also established.
      Reliability of suggested products, selected, tailored and configured  under our skill and expertize, is today furthermore supported by one of the more revolutionary and innovative communication web, who make possible to get technical literature, drawings and manuals anytime, anywere, 24 hours for day, 7 days per week.
      Several Spare's customer have already experienced our service policy, where despite the high technology means, human contacts still represent the premium target of our mission, as only where a mutual satisfactorily relationship could be established, sincere and loyal join could be confirmed between partners, like customer and its supplier.
      Take your time to visit our website, where not only data sheet are shown, as also some press releses, articles and application notes are available to support your application solving.
      Visit us at your convenience, as quite often we review our website by "weekly" addition of new pages, as also feel free to forward any of your advices, suggestions and criticize, and more important, please acccept our apologizes if despite our best efforts spent, you will anyway experience any mistake or incorrect contents on our website.
     Let's discover why every day a more than only significant number of new customers are moving to Spare....

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